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5 Easter Flowers Make Beautiful Gifts for the Season

While white lilies are commonly considered as the traditional Easter flower, there are many other options.

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Easter flowers add beauty, joy, and meaning to holiday celebrations, from a modest vase of stems to easter flower arrangements brimming with colour. While white lilies are commonly considered as the traditional Easter flower, there are many other options.

Here are some of our favourite flowers for Easter that can be found at Collierville Florist, whether you're sending bouquets to friends and families or decorating for the holiday:

Easter lily

The white trumpet lily is huge, spectacular, and valuable for the Easter season, emerging from a bulb that can be planted in the soil or foil-wrapped containers. It has great Christian significance, and it is popular due to its breathtaking, long-lasting beauty. This flower blooms in the summer when planted in the ground, but growers have forced its flowering cycle to coincide with Easter celebrations due to its popularity, growers have forced its flowering cycle to coincide with Easter celebrations.

Easter lilies aren't only white; other kinds add colour and refinement to seasonal arrangements as well. They're also a beautiful complement to simpler, more classic blooms.


These beautiful early spring blossoms are often used to commemorate Easter. Daffodils, as some of the initial flowers to emerge after a long winter, symbolise new life and rebirth, two themes that are prevalent around Easter. They're also the birthday flower for March, which adds to their significance for the month. Gardeners use them to signal the start of a new gardening season, and also because they bloom so close to Easter, they've also become a festive emblem. Daffodils are a symbol of new life since they blossom early in the spring. Because they've traditionally been associated with Lent, they're known as "Lent lilies" in England.


Daisies, like daffodils, are cheerful flowers that are popular at Easter. The white daisy represents purity and calmness in nature. Daisies are fragrant as well, making them a lovely addition to centrepieces and decorations. While white daisies are the most popular for Easter, they also come in yellow, pinks, reds, purples, brown, and other hues. Daisy blossoms also symbolises innocence, hope, purity, and calm in the flower world. They're also thought to be the sign of spring. These delicate yet vivid blossoms make excellent highlights in floral arrangements and spring bouquet centrepieces.


The perfume of hyacinth, whether alone or in a bouquet with other flowers, is distinctive – and only one of its distinguishing characteristics. The little blooms resemble bright miniature lilies and grow on a stem. Lavender, violet, and pink hyacinths are popular, but red and yellow hyacinths make terrific accent blooms as well. Hyacinth blooms early, like many Easter flowers, in colours of purple, pink, and white. These annual blooms have long been associated with faithfulness and sincerity.

Easter Cactus

Around Easter, a kind of "epiphytic cactus" species bloom with flowers in a range of colours, similar to how cacti are used for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Easter cacti are becoming increasingly popular, and their bright blooms—which come in a variety of colours including white, orange, red, pink, and purple—arrive in the spring, only in time for Easter. They're not just associated with Easter because of their name, but they're also a symbol of rebirth. Why don't you try something new this year? This vibrant yet durable plant will lend a special touch to any design.

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