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Which Flower Should You Give on Your Anniversary?

Offering flowers as a present to commemorate the most beautiful day of your lives is still the most traditional and loved anniversary gift today.

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The tradition of giving flowers to mark a wedding anniversary has a rich and intriguing history. During the Mediaeval Period, husbands in the Holy Roman Empire would frequently surprise their wives with silver garlands to recognise 25 years of marriage and gold wreaths to commemorate 50 years. Offering flowers as a present to commemorate the most beautiful day of your lives is still the most traditional and loved anniversary gift today. However, know what flowers to choose before you buy them from Collierville Flower Shop.

Consider Your Milestone Year

When looking for the greatest floral anniversary present, choose blossoms that offer a message of love, such as roses, orchids, or tulips. However, if you want to go a step further and provide a more personalised present, taking your anniversary milestone into account is the way to go.

Carnations on the 1st Anniversary- They are symbols of power and affection.

Sunflowers on the 3rd anniversary- They are symbols of trust and desire.

Daisies on the 5th Anniversary-They are symbols of trust and hope.

Daffodils on the 10th Anniversary- They are symbolic of rebirth and new beginnings.

Chrysanthemum on the 13th Anniversary-They are symbols of monarchy and good fortune.

Roses on the 15th Anniversary-They are associated with love and romance.

Asters on the 20th anniversary-They are symbols of wisdom and appreciation.

Irises on the 25th Anniversary-They symbolise faith and hope.

Lilies on the 30th Anniversary-They indicate dedication and loyalty.

Yellow roses and violets on the 50th anniversary-They represent joy.

Choose a Flower Bouquet in their Favourite Colour

If you're not one to follow conventions and are simply seeking a gift that would delight your sweetheart, consider an anniversary flower arrangement in their favourite colour.

Whatever they adore, picking out a flower present in their favourite colour, be it pastel pink, purple, or brilliant red and vibrant orange. It is not only a more convenient option, but it's also a terrific method to ensure the gift will be truly cherished.

Flowers to suit every taste and milestone


A rose is the most effective way to communicate your love and caring for your spouse. Give her/him a charming anniversary greeting card that says "I love you" along with a stunning and specifically crafted rose arrangement. This gift will wow your spouse if delivered on an anniversary.The rose represents purity and love. Roses are recognised as the flower of love, making them a wonderful anniversary present.


Flowers have long been a lovely wedding present choice. Lilies are among the most commonly used flowers in wedding bouquets and decorations. The lily can symbolise innocence, purity, elegance, devotion, and love. These are all great attributes to bestow on your spouse on your anniversary from now on. For the lilies of the valley to treasure on a wedding anniversary, give lilies to your spouse and show them how much you love them. Lilies are ideal for romance and are also reasonably priced. One or two dozen blooms will undoubtedly brighten her day.


The Freesia flower may offer a romantic touch and is the ideal wedding anniversary gift for your spouse. It combines love, religion, health, and beauty. It smells fantastic, just like your adoring wife. Freesias are an excellent choice for a wedding anniversary gift for your other half. They are lovely and aromatic flowers with delicate petals that make them look like fairies dancing in the air.


Lilacs are one of the most popular wedding anniversary flowers. On her wedding anniversary, a bouquet of lilacs will surprise any bride. And no present could be more fitting than a lilac arrangement. The lilac tree represents dedication and remembrance. It blooms in April and emits a lovely aroma all around. You may also get customised anniversary gifts in addition to a lovely lilac bouquet. On your wedding anniversary, this is the ideal gift to remind your wife of your feelings for her.

Now that you've decided on the flowers to give your spouse on your wedding anniversary, it's time to place your order online. Looking for a Memphis Anniversary Flower Delivery? Choose A Perfect Bloom which also offers Memphis Flower Delivery.

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