7 Roses to Give on Valentine’s Day

Here we have discussed about 7 rose types that you can gift on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day celebrations are heavily dependent on flowers, and it’s a no brainer that roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers. However, the question is, which rose is to pick! Well, here we have discussed about 7 rose types that you can gift on Valentine’s Day. Take a look.

Red Roses

    Red roses are by far the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers in the world. Red roses are the symbol of intense and passionate love. This connotation comes from the Greek and Roman mythology that connects red roses with these feelings. Long-stemmed red roses form the best Valentine’s Day flower arrangements for this day.

    Pink Roses

      Pink roses are perhaps only second to red ones in popularity. While red roses denote passion and strong sentiments, pink ones symbolize more subtle feelings like affection, attraction, and new love. So, if it’s your first Valentine’s Day with your partner, pink roses make more sense as a gift. For a special Valentine’s Day Flower delivery in Memphis, place your order now in advance and receive on-time delivery of the best roses for Valentine’s Day.

      White Roses

        White roses are another Happy Valentine’s Day rose option for you. white roses are known to symbolize pure and unconditional love, and a spiritual connection between two persons. So, gifting white roses on Valentine’s Day is like telling your partner, “you are my soulmate”. If you’re wondering about where is the best place to buy roses for Valentine’s Day in Memphis, A Perfect Bloom Memphis is your destination.

        Yellow Roses

          Yellow roses highlight another aspect of love and relationship. According to traditions, yellow roses indicate love, loyalty, faithfulness, and more importantly, friendship. If you are lucky enough to find your love in your best friend, include yellow roses in your Valentine’s Day flower delivery.

          Orange Roses

            Orange is a mixture of two colors, red and yellow. So, their symbolism too indicates a combination of these two feelings. While orange roses subdue the intense and strong emotions associated with red roses, it enhances the feelings of friendship, loyalty, and togetherness of yellow ones with its fiery hues.

            Blue Roses

              Blue roses for Valentine’s Day are a special and unique idea. Blue roses are cultivar species of roses, and they are not found in nature. In fact, blue roses are one of the rarest and most expensive roses in the world. Hence, their meanings are also associated with these two qualities, i.e. rarity and preciousness.

              Multicolor Roses

                Still confused about which one to go with? Here’s the best idea for you. choose a bouquet of multiple rose colors. Red and white, orange and white, red, yellow, and pink, blue and white, or orange and pink are some of our most favorite combinations of roses for Valentine’s Day. For flower delivery in Collierville TN, or floral gift delivery in Memphis TN, place your order now to get hassle-free, timely delivery of all items.

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