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Event Term and Conditions

A Perfect Bloom Memphis appreciates the opportunity to contribute our floral and bridal services to your Event Day. Our goal is to provide you with high quality flowers and designs, as well as make every effort to ensure that you are provided with exceptional bridal services, and ultimately presented with an unforgettable Event Day. A Perfect Bloom reserves the right to cancel this contract if at any time we feel that the obligations cannot be met. In the Event of fire, natural disaster, tragedy, or other emergency your liability is limited to a full refund of all monies paid. Please note that your Event Deposit is non-refundable in the Event of a cancellation.

EVENT CONSULTATIONS: All Event consultations will be made by appointment only. Your first consultation & estimate is complimentary. Future changes to your estimate may occur any time after booking and up to 30 days prior to your Event. Additional consultations will accompany a $25 fee.

CHANGES: Changes can be made up until 14 days before the Event. after 14 days, changes will be billed accordingly. Delivery, set up, "flipping", relocating and rental retrieval fees are quoted based on the information provided during the initial consultation. You may incur additional fees due to changes to your design or logistical plan, restrictions made my venues or other vendors, multiple delivery locations (i.e., hotels, bridal suites, or bakeries), unexpected/unplanned labor required on site.

TERMS: Payments may be made in cash, check, money order, or credit card. A $25 fee will be charged for any returned check.

DEPOSITS / FINAL PAYMENT: I understand that a $300 non-refundable deposit and my signed contract is required to secure our selected Event date and represents my agreement to the terms of the contract. Further, I understand that I am responsible for submitting payment(s)(to A Perfect Bloom in three (3) additional installments:

(1) A $300 deposit is due within 7 days after the initial A Perfect Bloom Proposal estimate is emailed to "hold" my Event date. My Event Proposal estimate is valid for a period of three (3) additional weeks from the date of the Event Proposal.

(2) Installment #1: To secure my Event date and the professional services of A Perfect Bloom, 25% of my estimate (less $300 deposit) and my signed contract are due within six (6) weeks of the date of the Event Proposal or within three (3) weeks of the date of my deposit, whichever is sooner.

(3) Installment #2: 25% of my Event order, reflecting actual charges, is due six (6) weeks prior to my Event date.

(4) Installment #3: The final balance remaining on my Event order is payable to A Perfect Bloom three (3) weeks prior to our Event date, in addition to any applicable outside rental fees and custom decor.


I understand that if I fail to make payment in full as scheduled, I acknowledge that my flowers will not be ordered, and this agreement is no longer valid, and I may be subject to cancellation fees. Additional purchases will be invoiced at the time of order. If ordered after my final payment, I understand that I am responsible for payment in full prior to delivery. A Perfect Bloom understands that unexpected changes and updates will occur up until my Event date and will make every conceivable effort to accommodate my circumstance(s). Unfortunately, with last minute changes, A Perfect Bloom Event cannot guarantee that my same flowers will be available on orders made less than three (3) weeks prior to the Event but will work diligently on my behalf to match my color and style as closely as possible.

CANCELLATIONS: In the Event I elect to cancel my Event with A Perfect Bloom, I agree that I will submit my request for cancellation to A Perfect Bloom in writing. Additionally, I acknowledge that I am requesting custom order floral design work from A Perfect Bloom, and understand that, in the Event I choose to cancel my Event, I may be subject to cancellation fees and payment in full of outside rental and custom decor if previously purchased. I understand that there are no refunds for a cancellation of individual items after final payment is made. Flowers for those items will be utilized to upgrade the arrangements purchased. In the Event of cancellation, I understand that my non-refundable deposit will be forfeited, and agree that I may be responsible for cancellation fees based on the following criteria:

(1) For a cancellation made between three (3) to six (6) weeks prior to the Event date, I am responsible for 50% of my Event order, plus payment in full of any applicable outside rental fees and miscellaneous decor, in the Event, A Perfect Bloom has already ordered my flowers and custom decor and the order(s) cannot be cancelled.

(2) For a cancellation made within three (3) weeks or less of the Event date, I may be responsible for up to 100% of my A Perfect Bloom Event Order, plus payment in full of any applicable outside rental fees and miscellaneous decors, in the Event A Perfect Bloom has already ordered my flowers and custom decor and the order(s) cannot be cancelled.

(3) Lastly, in the Event my third payment installment is not made or fails to satisfy my A Perfect Bloom Event Order in full three (3) weeks in advance of our Event date as is required, I agree that this contract is cancelled, and all my previous payments are forfeited. (Exception: The timeframe for cancellation fees will be adjusted accordingly to correct for Event dates that are scheduled within three (3) months or less from the contract date).

SUBSTITUTIONS: A Perfect Bloom reserves the right to make appropriate floral substitutions in the Event: (1) the flowers received are not of the quality suitable for your Event, and (2) unavailable due to floral market influences. A Perfect Bloom will work on our behalf to maintain the integrity of the proposed color scheme, and flowers of an equivalent value will be used. You will be notified of any adjustments. or special Event. Please inform your designer if there are flowers you deem as unacceptable alternatives. Due to the nature of organic materials, A Perfect Bloom Memphis cannot be held responsible for variations in color or size of flowers.

ARTISTIC LICENSE: By commissioning A Perfect Bloom to design and create floral pieces for your Event, we are entrusting the artists and representatives to utilize their design skills and capabilities shown during consultations and other Events. We entrust {SHOP_NAME} to choose all floral varieties, color schemes and textures that will best showcase the ideas for the Event.

RENTAL: All vases, containers, linens, arches, lighting, etc. used for your Event belong to A Perfect Bloom Memphis unless stated otherwise on your proposal. All rental items must be returned to A Perfect Bloom Collierville Location located at 141 US Hwy 72 E Suite 4 Collierville, Tennessee 38017 within three (3) days of the Event date, I understand that I may incur an additional fee to offset the full cost of the rented items(s) in the Event I fail to return any rentals within the specified three (3) days.

A Perfect Bloom can retrieve those items for you for an additional pick-up fee of $100. If rental items are missing or damaged, A Perfect Bloom Memphis will contact you with the amount due and charge your credit card on file unless you have provided another method of payment at that time.

If you choose to provide your own vases/containers, we will need these items in the shop no less than 7 days prior to your Event. All containers should be delivered to the shop in the condition you would like them used. (Clean, polished, free of tags and debris)

PICK UP, DELIVERY vs. SET UP: Flowers can be picked up Monday – Friday from 9a – 3p and Saturday from 9a-12n. Pick up is not available on Sundays or on holidays.

A Delivery is available any day of the week, an additional $25 charge if delivered after 3pm and additional $50 charge on Saturday and Sunday.

Note: A Delivery will consist of a delivery driver traveling to your venue and only dropping off the flowers (in a box) at the location. The Driver will not remove any items from the box or help set up. This is strictly a drop off. A Set Up will consist of a designer or team that will come and set up the Event, place flowers on the tables, and ensure that everything purchased has been placed. Our Set Up fee varies depending on the labor required.


a) All flower arrangements will be made no more than one (1) day before the ceremony to ensure freshness and the long-lasting quality of the flowers.

b) If flowers are being delivered, a time will be set up for A Perfect Bloom to enter all venues on the day of the ceremony.

c) Please feel free to contact us in the Event of an unexpected circumstance and understand that while we will do everything conceivable to make your day as special as is possible, please be aware that there may be additional charges.

PHOTOGRAPHY & PERMITTED USES: Parties agree that A Perfect Bloom may send photographers to photograph specific works of art created at locations specified throughout contract unless otherwise discussed. A Perfect Bloom may reproduce, publish, exhibit and otherwise use the images created hereunder, without specific identifications or persons or Events (1) as samples of our work to be shown to prospective clients, either in photographic or electronic form, including our website, (2) for instructional purposes to be shared with aspiring florists and working photographers, and (3) for generic institutional purposes, including use in published interviews and competitions.

SOCIAL MEDIA: A Perfect Bloom may publicize your Event online via our website or and on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram as well as in other publications such as brides magazines or brochures.

FLOWERS AFTER THE EVENT: After the Event, we are happy to have you take them home or to be delivered to the charity of your choice for a small additional fee.

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: A Perfect Bloom will happily provide all the services specified in your Event Proposal/Event Order, and work with you as any adjustments need to be made up until your Event date. We guarantee our presence at the places and at the times specified.

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